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Raising awareness on the need for women’s workwear ranges


Typically, the demand for women’s workwear and PPE products in industries such as engineering and construction, in hands-on roles both on the shop floor and working on-site, is much lower than the demand for men’s.

Because of this and the out-dated traditional perception that these industries are predominately a male profession, workwear and PPE products have for the most part been produced with the male form in mind.

These days more women are attracted to both industries, and a very pressing need for high quality, good fitting, functional and safe workwear, and PPE has arisen and is continuing to grow year on year.

  • 12.37% of all engineers are women in the UK, and 20.8% of women work in the engineering sector.

  • 14% of all construction workwear are women in the UK, with this number steadily rising.

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2 big reasons for improving the range of women’s workwear availability

The risks to health and safety in the workplace

There is a practice on the shop floor and on sites, for women to wear smaller sizes of men’s workwear, or poorly fitting “unisex” products. This also extends across to PPE products. Items such as workwear trousers, safety glasses, safety gloves, safety helmets, safety boots high vis clothing, and fall arrest harness for example.

The dangers of wearing such poorly fitting products are that women risk not be adequately protected against a number of onsite risks such as snagging from machinery, trips slip and fall from loose clothing issues, eye injury from flying debris, poor visibility in high traffic FLT areas due to folded over high vis clothing, Extra fatigue from heavy oversized work boots, poor visibility when wearing oversized helmets to name a few.

Sadly, as an engineer of some 25 years, I have witnessed and listened to many female engineers sharing these issues. Some resort to wearing their own clothing as a workaround to this issue, which is something we desperately want to change!

Attracting more women into engineering and construction roles

It is critical for our economy that we take advantage of the growing level of interest shown in both engineering and construction by women.

There is a shortfall of skill in these areas and according to statistics published by the women’s engineering society alone, women regularly outperform men in all STEM A levels and achieve more first and upper seconds in engineering studies at university.

In order to take advantage of this fact, and to attract more women into these fields, we can play our part by ensuring that we provide them with the same high-quality workwear and PPE that men have available to them and at least remove one barrier to entry, and take another step towards normalising Women's involvement in these industries further. 

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International women in engineering day will be back on 23 June 2021!

Visit and find out more about the women's engineering society.

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 Written by: Billy Giles - Goto Workwear Ltd