Vented Goggles

Vented Protective Goggles

All goggles are CE Approved to the relevant European Standards. gotoworkwearltd offer goggles as part of the overall Eye Protection product range. Eye Protection is a requirement by law under regulation 4 of the Personal Protective Equipment At Work Regulation 1992 when working in a hazardous area

Code Description Size / Colour Unit



Bolle Pilot K & N Safety Goggles


Conforms to EN166 1BT 3.4.9 KN. Ultra-flexible TPV housing. Wide fully adjustable neoprene strap guarantees the wearer optimum levels of fit and comfort. Excellent field of view. Can be worn over prescription spectacles.
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3M (TM) Goggle Gear 500 with Clear PC Scotchgard AF Coated Lens

Stylish, lightweight goggle offering great fit and comfort. Features superior 3M™ Scotchgard™ Anti-Fog Coating for reliable protection; outperforms the requirements of the EN166 N marking by 5x*. Low-profile design for improved compatibility with adjacent PPE. BT impact protection and optical clarity class 1.  Adjustable comfort strap and optional prescription insert (FT impact protection). * Based on 3M internal testing per EN168 test method. 

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Honeywell Duramaxx K&N Rated Safety Goggles

Conforms to EN166 1 BT.3.4. KN. 1017751 Indirect ventilation system prevents fogging Wide panoramic field of vision Wide adjustable sliding and pivoting strap Soft, flexible elastomer joint allows for adjustment to face fit Dura-streme coatings for Fogban (N) on the inside of the lens and an anti-scratch (K) coat on the outside

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Bolle X90 Low Profile Safety Goggle

Conforms to EN 166 1.B. Small, ultra compact goggle with flexible PVC frame. Panoramic polycarbonate anti scratch and anti-mist lens. Wide strap and indirect side ventilation enhances the comfort and fit of the goggle. A perfect solution for small faces.

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Bolle Blast Safety Goggle

The unique shape of the goggle ensures a perfect fit to the face. Provides maximum comfort and protection. Compatible with prescription spectacles and other PPE. Fitted with a wide adjustable headbandand optical class 1 anti-scratch and anti-mist polycarbonate lens provides protection against impact, chemicals and molten metal. Can be fitted with a face guard for extra protection.

- Pair



Bolle Atom Safety Goggles

Conforms to EN 166. 1BT 3,4,5. Compact, lightweight and ultra comfortable due to its TPR flexible frame. The clear anti-scratch and anti-mist lenses offer a wide field of vision and the wide adjustable strap adds to the comfort. It will fit over prescription spectacles and a prescription insert is also available. Includes tear off lens protectors. When the optional face visor is fitted the Atom doubles up as a face shield.

- Pair



Honeywell Vistamax VNC21 Safety Goggles

Conforms to EN 166 1-B 3.4.5. 1002759 - Breathable 'twin lens' system with aluminium condensers for exceptional anti-mist performance. Front lens is acetate for chemical resistance and rear lens is polycarbonate for impact resistance. Unvented.

- Pair



Keep Safe Pro Avenger K & N Rated Safety Goggles

Conforms to EN166 K & N Rating. Linear and compact design.  Can be worn over any prescription spectacles thanks to its spherical lens. Indirect ventilation system.  Wide fully adjustable headband. Categoty III PPE.

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Honeywell V-Maxx Anti-Mist Safety Goggles

Conforms to EN166 1-B 3.4.9. 1006194 - Wide distortion free peripheral vision. Indirect vent, anti-mist polycarbonate lens and neoprene strap.

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3M (TM) Goggle Gear 500 Prescription Insert

Optional prescription insert (FT impact protection) for use with 3M™ Goggle Gear 500 Series.

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Keep Safe Direct Vent Safety Goggles

Conforms to EN 166.1.B. Polycarbonate anti-mist lens.

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Keep Safe Chemical/Dust Safety Goggles

Conforms to EN 166.1.B 3.4.9. Polycarbonate lens.

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Keep Safe Impact Direct Vent Safety Goggle

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