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Uniform printing service

We provide a garment printing service, which allows you to brand your company uniforms with your logos or promotional text.

We Provide the following methods of printing.

Vinyl heat transfer printing for solid colours

Best suited for solid colour designs, a polymer-based vinyl is cut out, heated and applied to the fabric under pressure. This results in a surprisingly durable logo that will generally outlast the life of the garment and can be washed at 30 - 60 degrees. Although not as durable as embroidery, it offers a cost-effective razor-sharp image print.

NOTE: Beware of cheap inflexible vinyl which will crack after several washes, we use a specially formulated vinyl suitable for stretch fabrics, giving highly impressive durability. 

vinyl printing photo exampleclose up of vinyl printed logo

Solvent printed logos for full colour

Solvent printing involves printing a waterproof, UV light-resistant full-colour image onto vinyl which is then heat transferred onto your garment, this method provides the option for a cost-effective, multi-coloured print.

full colour logo printedprinted colour logo photoprinted logo

Sublimation printing for high definition colours

This method uses a specialist waterproof dye, that can produce stunning hd detail which is extremely durable, typically used for items such as promotional tshirts and mugs, and photo slates

sublimation printing exampleprinted photo slateprinted wooden plaque


Printing File Requirements

In order for us to print your logo as close to your original design as possible, we require a high-quality logo file.

We have comprised a checklist for you to follow before you send your design to us. This will help to improve the quality of your finished design.

  • Minimum File Resolution Recommended: 300 dpi
  • We recommend emailing your artwork to us as a scalable vector graphics file (.svg), this will help to prevent loss of quality when scaling your logo to the sizes required. If you do not have this file type, then send the file to us in the format you do have, either via our webshop or to [email protected], and we will assess the quality of it for you.
  • We can do simple logo edits/vectoring for free, however, for more extensive design editing, we require that an order is placed with us first, due to the time-consuming nature of this work.
  • Please email your logo along with your full order requirements to [email protected]


PLEASE NOTE :- Once we print your garments they become non-refundable, so we highly recommend ordering some sizing/quality samples before you proceed with your full order. This will allow you to collate the actual sizes you need for your team as sizes vary from brand to brand. It will also allow you to check the quality of the printed logo

Our printing lead times are typically 14 days at present, but please factor in some time for ordering samples on your initial order. 

Experience has shown us that this method works very well and is the most cost-effective route