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Printed Workwear


 From t shirt printing to High-visibility clothing transfers all we need from you are your logo or image files or your required text and desired printing positions. and we will do the rest.  We will select the most suitable method of printing dependent upon your budget and quantity requirements.

    We can provide a full logo design service if required. This can be arranged separately.


Cad Cut Transfer Printing

Printing heat transferheat transfer printing

Cad Cut Vinyl transfers are suitable for designs of 1 or 2 colours. The process involves cutting out your designs, logos, shapes, names or numbers from the special vinyl material using specialist cutting machines, and then pressing it into your garment using heat and high pressure. (see pictures)

It enables 1 or 2 colour designs and logos to be printed very quickly with no set up charges and is a great option for logo's names and numbers on workwear, promotional clothing and printed sports clothing, as well as high visibility vests and jackets.



  • Suitable for 1 -2 colours
  • Highly Durable & Slightly Stretchy Material
  • Perfect for logo's, names and numbers
  • Shorter Lead times
  • No setup charges
  • Creates perfect shapes, lines and details
  • This method typically takes between 2 -7 working days.


The artwork is required in a vector format which will be used to recreate your print accurately. Most logo designers will give you an .eps file which we will then use.


Digital Print Heat Transfer

This method allows you to print in more colours directly onto the vinyl before it is pressed onto your garment, the advantages of this method is that your colour is matched much more accurately, and the design can be much more vibrant.

This method typically takes between 7-14 working days.

transfer printingheat transfers



Screen Printing

 screen printing

  A screen is set up for each colour of your design, and then ink is forced through a template onto your garment using each of the different screens. This method is extremely cost effective at higher volumes and not really suited to low volumes.