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Your logo is a visual expression of everything your business
stands for.

Think about some popular companies and about how their logo embodies them.

In many instances, the first impression of your business is formed when a customer sees your logo.

A popular logo can help to build loyalty and trust between your customer and your business and can help to strengthen you brand identity.

Having a company logo gives you a professional image.

A great logo will have a simple message which is clear and relevant to the brand it represents.

It reflects the personality of your company, is memorable and versatile and It communicates what you want to say in the best possible way.


Logo Types

There are several types of logo design to choose from depending upon your budget and marketing strategy.

Font-based logos consist of written text usually with a unique font that helps them to stand out against the competition and is hard to copy, typical examples of companies using this method are Cadburys, IBM, Coca-Cola and Sony.

Illustrative logos consist of imagery to help illustrate what the business does such as a hammer and nail for builders.

Abstract logos these are logos that don’t represent any kind of service such as the Nike swoosh, this type of logo relies heavily on marketing and takes a long time in order for it to become indicative of a brand.

As a startup or growing business it is recommended that you use elements of font based and illustrative designs together as opposed to abstract logos, this is because it takes far more time and money to create a brand identity that connects to its customers using an abstract image.

Some top marketing experts believe people should be able to tell what your business does by looking at your logo.

At our logo is constructed using illustrative and font based design,     


Where to start

Before we create our logo, we should start by deciding what message we want our logo to convey. Write your message down and stay true to it, whilst creating the logo.

Research other companies for inspiration, think about how you want to be viewed in relation to your competitors. What makes you unique? Are you a light hearted company or serious? What does your target market want to see when they approach a company of your type?

Make your logo simple and functional, easy to scale and easy to reproduce in different colours, such as black and white for fax messages. Avoid using photographs over simple vector-based art as they don’t scale very well, and don’t use clip art as it’s too easy to copy.

Your business name will affect the font used in the text, if it’s a jewellery business you might want to use a classy looking slim clean font, whereas for a utility company selling electricity you may wish to convey this using a less standard font with elements of and lightning bolt incorporated into the text.

Think about the different formats available for displaying your logo when marketing your company, such as tshirts, business cards, stationery, letterheads, brochures, adverts, flyers, your Web site and any other places where you mention your company name. This will help to build your image across many formats giving you more options when it comes to raising your company profile.

While coming up with logo ideas by yourself is an important step in creating your business identity, trying to create a logo completely alone could be a mistake. You should search for a professional designer, and try to ensure that they have experience in your field.

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Protect your design

Once you've produced a logo that represents your business, make sure you trademark it to protect it from use by other companies. you can trademark your logo at