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Choosing the correct company uniform can have a positive effect on your company and your whole team, it can cause employees to focus on the task at hand, act in a professional manner, and feel like part of your team, which in turn can lead to increased productivity.

It can also be one on the most effective and inexpensive ways to advertise your company to the outside world.

When we dress casually at work it’s hard for us to differentiate between our home selves and our work selves.

Providing uniforms creates a line in the sand between our home life and our work life, this allows us to focus on work when we are dressed for work, and switch off in our home lives when we replace work-wear with casual wear.

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For example, when we dress in sportswear for the gym, we adopt a different behavior or train of thought, we are mentally preparing ourselves for the task at hand. Clothing is a part of that preparation.

Clothing causes us to act in a different way, and expect to act in a different way.

Creating a focused team has an impact on how they perform and how they expect to work.

Creating focus in the workplace can benefit everyone in various ways, from productivity to health and safety.


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A huge factor when selecting a company uniform, will normally be the company’s desired image, and although a uniform can draw such a strong line, its doesn’t have to feel rigid and regimented.

Employees can be given a choice between several styles that all fit in with the company's image, but still allows them a range of expression and comfort.

At Gotoworkwear ltd, we are passionate about creating the perfect package of corporate wear, work wear or team wear for your company.